Q: What do I have to do to become a paint party venue?
A: Just call us and schedule a date/time for your party. Then, help us spread the word to your customer base. We do everything else including set-up, cleanup, and registrations.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of painters needed to book a party?
A: Yes, we require 10 painters to host a party. Anything below 10 will be done at the ArtsyU Host's discretion. The host may decide that building an audience at your venue over a few weeks will be necessary, for example.

Q: How much does it cost to throw a paint party?
A: Your venue does not pay anything to ArtsyU or the host. Paint parties will typically cost your customer $35-$45 per painter. This cost includes the instruction and all the supplies needed to recreate the painting, including the 16X20 canvas that each guest gets to take home at the end of the party.

Involve Your Community
And Build A Following
To Impress Future Residents

Questions and Answers:

Attention, apartment managers!

Do you want to keep your current residents?
Do you want to attract new residents?
ArtsyU can help you with both…

A community that plays together, stays together. Seriously, if you create a thriving community where the people know each other and care about each other, you will keep your residents for years. If they are happy, they are less likely to move and more likely to recruit others to your community. Keep in mind that potential residents take social gatherings into consideration when choosing a new place to live. So, creating a feeling of community is key to attracting and keeping residents!

How can ArtsyU help? ArtsyU provides a unique form of entertainment where your guests can eat, drink, and paint together! That’s right, I said paint…ArtsyU paint parties provide great opportunities to help you build connections with your community. It’s a fun, stress reducing, activity that allows the participants to talk and mingle with each other while they create masterpieces to decorate their homes. Again, helping to create a feeling of community.

There is no mess - we use non-toxic, acrylic paints that are easily cleaned with water. The ArtsyU instructor will prepare the room for your guests and will lead them through the painting process making sure each person leaves happy. The instructor will then clean up making sure the room looks the same as it did when they arrived, leaving you free to mingle as guests leave.

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