Making Fine Art, Fun Art

Looking for a fun way to raise money for your cause? Below are 10 ways ArtsyU will put the FUN in fundraising:

1.  You and your guests will have a great time.

2.  You’ll raise money to support your cause.

3.  Planning your event is easy - just call 423-321-2317.

4.  Your group will have the entire studio to themselves.

5.  You will have plenty of time to mingle with friends.

6.  You can bring your own food and beverages.

7.  You choose the painting we’ll teach.

8.  People of all ages can participate.

9.  Everyone leaves with a masterpiece.

10. And best of all, we’ll clean up the mess.

Paint Parties Make Great Fundraisers!

Have an unforgettable time at Artsy-U while raising cash for your cause or charity! Paint parties make great fundraisers for many reasons, and one of the best reasons is that we take care of everything for you! All you have to do is pick the painting we teach, decide how much you would like to earn for each ticket sold and help spread the word among your friends, coworkers and/or congregation. On the day of your fundraiser, you can sit back and relax while one of our experienced instructors takes your group step-by-step through the painting of your choice. Everyone at ArtsyU leaves with something to remember the day by – his or her very own masterpiece!

We can also come to you!

Our studio will hold about 30 painters comfortably. However, if you have adequate space at your venue, we can accommodate up to 55. The more painters, the more money you raise!

Any spot on our calendar can be transformed into a fundraiser. With as few as 12 – 14 people, you can reserve any spot on the calendar that doesn’t have customers already registered. You choose the date, time and painting then let us do the rest. Call 423-321-2317 today to check class availability and to reserve your party. Spaces fill up fast so we recommend reserving your spot 15-20 days in advance.

Fundraising Basics:

ArtsyU charges $20-$25 per person. You choose the amount you want to make per ticket on top of that price from each of your attendants. For example, if you decide to charge $45 - your organization will keep $25 per ticket. If you have 12 people attend your fundraiser you will raise $300.

If you like, ArtsyU can set up the event on our website and collect the money and manage reservations. At the end of the event, we can write a check to the organization for the amount earned. 

ArtsyU provides everything artistically needed. If the organization would like to provide food and beverages for the party, that is perfectly fine.

How-to book your fundraising event:

  • Choose a date and time.

  • Call 1-423-321-2317to plan your fundraiser. Or send an email to (please include your phone number and date/time of fundraiser).

  • You choose the painting we teach from Artsy-U’s extensive gallery.

  • Fundraisers can be booked any time we have a class scheduled so long as no one has registered for the class yet. So book early before someone registers for a class in the time slot you want.