About The Artist
After working in a corporate world as a product developer for nearly 20 years, Johnny Brown decided to take his life in a more colorful and scary direction, the life of an artist. With the support of his wife and his faithful little dog Winnie, he left his job of 16 years and started a painting studio called ArtsyU in East Ridge, TN.

Using his new business as a way to springboard his creativity, he rediscovered his passion for the fair city he's called home for 30 years. As an avid adventurer, hang glider, experienced paddler, and native explorer, his connection to Chattanooga and its outdoors have been the inspiration for many of the popular paintings in his studio.

During an outing downtown with his wife, he decided there might be others who would enjoy an organized walking tour through the city's most recognizable downtown landmarks and artistic structures. Thus began his journey to capture these beloved places for others to discover and enjoy.

Being an admirer of urban sketching, Johnny decided to create the project with this style in mind. Each drawing was photographed on location and sketched back in the studio. After a year of diligent work, the deck you hold in your hand has become the result!

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Chattanooga Tours
This set of 54 drawings, collected as a full deck of playing cards with 2 jokers, was created by artist Johnny Brown as a tribute to Chattanooga and its rich embracing culture towards art. Being in a town with art on every street corner, it's easy to be inspired and want to explore the city’s rich culture, which is why the deck serves a secondary purpose as an illustrated tour of Chattanooga’s attractions and popular landmarks.

Each suit within the deck has been designed to lead the card holder on a separate tour around the city, with each sequential number in a suit leading to the next popular landmark or recognizable artistic structure along its path. The Spades, Diamonds and Hearts will guide the card holder around the downtown area, while the Clubs have been arranged as a driving tour to several of the popular outlying attractions around Lookout Mountain.

So, not only is this a deck of playable cards, but a mominto, combining art appreciation and the exploration of Chattanooga.

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