Why should you become an ArtsyU Paint Party Venue?

To attract and keep customers, restaurants and bars usually have to PAY musicians or singers to entertain, or they have to OFFER DISCOUNTS to attract business gatherings and birthday party celebrations. Now there is an even better option…become an ArtsyU paint party venue! FOR FREE!!

ArtsyU provides a unique form of entertainment where your customers eat, drink, and paint! An ArtsyU instructor takes your guests step-by-step through a painting that they get to take home at the end of the night! This is a fantastic and memorable experience to offer your customers.

No matter what type of venue you have, an ArtsyU paint party provides a great opportunity to help you build connections with your community. We will transform your slower nights and empty unused spaces into fun, creative nights, full of painting and paying customers…


There is no mess - we use non-toxic, acrylic paints that are easily cleaned with water.

Our events can accommodate up to 20+ people per night.

What to Expect:

  1. Bars will typically sell 2 drinks per person. Restaurants can expect to sell a meal before and 2 glasses of wine during the event per person.
  2. The events usually take 2 to 3 hours. Most places start around 7:00 pm, but time is flexible.
  3. An ArtsyU representative will arrive at least 1-hour prior to set up for the event and will stay a half hour afterwards to clean up.
  4. 92% of all paint party participants are female.
  5. We can supply music if your venue does not already provide it. 

Venue Must Provide:

  1. Chairs, tables and a space which can support the painters (ArtsyU will supply plastic tablecloths to protect the tables). Each painter will need enough space for an easel, paint palette and water cup.
  2. Restroom or kitchen with an accessible sink for the instructor – The painters will need water for their brushes. (ArtsyU will supply plastic cups).
  3. Waitress/Waiter – The more proactive you are the more drinks and food you can sell. We suggest you start working the room a half hour before the event.
  4. Adequate lighting – Patrons will need to see what they are painting so more light than usual may be needed.
  5. Wood, tile or concrete flooring – We use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with water, but difficult to get out of carpet and fabrics.

Promoting the Event:

  1. You will need 4-6 weeks to properly promote your event. The more time you allow for promotion, the larger your crowd will be.
  2. To grow your business and your customer base, create a consistent time and place for the paint party event - Same time. Same place.
  3. To help us promote your event we will need you to provide a logo, images and a write up about your bar or restaurant. ArtsyU will promote the event on our calendar, Facebook page and through our newsletter. We can also help you produce promotional materials for your establishment. Call for more details.


Questions and Answers:

Contact an ArtsyU's representative and get the party started:

Q: What do I have to do to become a paint party venue?
A: Just call us and schedule a date/time for your party. Then, help us spread the word to your customer base. We do everything else including set-up, cleanup, and registrations.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of painters needed to book a party?
A: Yes, we require 10 painters to host a party. Anything below 10 will be done at the ArtsyU Host's discretion. The host may decide that building an audience at your venue over a few weeks will be necessary, for example.

Q: How will a paint party benefit you?
A: Paint parties are great for bringing customers/guests into your place of business. It gives you 2-3 hours to sell your products, tell about your upcoming events, and share your message with a captivated audience. It also shows your community, employees, or customer base that you’re a fun venue that offers unique opportunities and incentives.

Q: How much does it cost to throw a paint party?
A: Your venue does not pay anything to ArtsyU or the host. Paint parties will typically cost your customer $35-$45 per painter. This cost includes the instruction and all the supplies needed to recreate the painting, including the 16X20 canvas that each guest gets to take home at the end of the party.